Projects (MSU Bolder IT)

We are beginning the process of becoming one IT at Michigan State University.

Bolder IT shows what broad technology projects and IT Transformation projects MSU IT is working on to transforming information technology at Michigan State University. Bolder IT complements the university’s Bolder by Design strategic plan.

Our focus is on how to best align MSU’s technology personnel and dollars to the highest and best use. We are one institution, and all our technology is interconnected through servers and networks. We must invest in and operate all technology with MSU in mind.

MSU IT Transformation

In order to be Bolder, MSU needs to transform how it designs, plans, and manages technology across the university. Institutions with enabling, modern technology are best positioned to succeed.

MSU Bolder IT vision is three‐pronged: Strengthen, Align, Innovate. Each prong is dependent upon the other two.

Our strategy is informed by campus input, analysis, and learning by new leadership. It has been refined and targeted through a comprehensive IT assessment, input from leadership including deans and other academic leaders, input from IT personnel in units, and the observations of the new CIO over 2014 and 2015.

Strengthen the Core

Strengthen the Core is measured by operational metrics, including customer satisfaction, security, and effectiveness.

This includes:

  • Eradicating technical debt accumulated over decades and ensure contemporary management and rationalized funding to reduce risk of future technical debt.
  • Modernizing, stabilizing, and scaling services to an appropriate level for MSU‐wide use.
  • Improving services to encompass a full array of technology ranging from core infrastructure (e.g., data center, network) to end‐user facing (e.g., learning, research, administrative, data services).
  • Integrating service management (e.g., service desk, project delivery, vendor management) across MSU to realize the value of our stabilization investment. This will require improved talent management to acquire and retain contemporary skill sets.

Increase Alignment

Increase Alignment is measured by increasing the use of enterprise‐scale solutions, decreasing the overall cost of enterprise‐scale solutions to MSU, and increasing investments available for innovation.

This includes:

  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of IT across all MSU through improved alignment of central and unit‐based services.
  • Increasing adoption of enterprise‐scale solutions that reduce the need for redundant, unit‐based solutions, making more investment available for innovation. Examples of solutions provided at enterprise scale include but are not limited to network, data center, virtual servers and storage, core academic technology, ERP, research administration, data services, and collaboration tools inclusive of email.
  • Influencing the adoption of central solutions and retirement of redundant solutions using leadership capital.


Innovate is measured by the delivery of technology innovations that significantly contribute to MSU Bolder by Design outcomes, including the sixth imperative to “Advance our Culture of High Performance.”

This includes:

  • Delivering technology programs that position MSU as a leader in prioritized areas. This will be achieved through thought‐leadership and collaboration.
  • Collaborating with other units to produce quality, effective, contemporary solutions that “leap frog” MSU in areas appropriate to mission and market.
  • Understanding how the research and education work of MSU is paramount to this strategy.