Guidelines & Policies

Acceptable Use Policy & Resources (MBP – Section 210)

The Acceptable Use Policy lays the foundation for acceptable use of the MSU information technology environment, including business systems and applications, computing services, MSU networks, databases, and other technology resources. These resources also lay out technology usage expectations and responsibilities for the MSU community.

Appropriate Use of Email Services & Resources

These guidelines and resources aim to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of email communication and set best practices for bulk email. Also covered is information about AFS storage.

Cloud Computing Guidelines & Resources

Cloud computing applications provide variety of services and features that are useful to faculty, staff, and students at MSU. However, the terms of service for many cloud computing applications involve a variety of risks to users and the content they put and share with these services.

These guidelines and resources provide direction to help individuals make informed choices about the appropriate use of cloud computing services based on content and types of data.

Copyright Information & Resources (DMCA, HEOA)

If MSU receives a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) compliant from a copyright holder, it is required by federal law to contact the individual who is sharing copyrighted files illegally on the MSU network. These procedures are required under the copyright-related regulations associated with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008.

Institutional Data Policy & Resources

Michigan State University needs to protect the security and integrity of its institutional data without hindering the effective and efficient use of those data. The purpose of this policy is to establish minimum requirements for the appropriate stewardship of institutional data by the MSU community.

Student Computer Requirement

Undergraduate students entering MSU are required to bring a personal computer. MSU does not recommend students to rely upon the Apple iPad as their primary computer.

Web Accessibility Policy & Guidelines

All web pages and online content used to conduct university business or academic activities should meet accessibility standards. This ensures inclusive access to online information and web functionality.

Telecommunications Policy (MBP – Section 280)

The Telecommunications Policy details procedures for directory information changes, telephone equipment changes and telephone service charges.