MSU AFS Storage Expirations for Past Students

All incoming Michigan State University students are issued an MSU NetID which, upon activation, gives them access to a variety of university and IT Services-supported resources. MSU NetIDs and passwords are permanently assigned to access student records or for future enrollment.

New students are also issued AFS (Andrew File System) online storage. These centrally-funded resources are provided to current students, defined as those currently registered for credit at MSU or those who have been registered within the past two years.

If you graduated in 2014 or after, your AFS account has not been disabled, though the university is considering other storage options.


In 2012 and 2013, MSU expired AFS accounts for past students who had not been registered within two years or more in order to free up university data storage resources.

If you want to migrate AFS files, they can be downloaded and saved to separate media, hard drives, or other storage devices.

For more information read, AFS: Accessing Your AFS Space or Account Expiration for Former MSU Students: Mail and AFS.

Originally published as part of MSU Email and Storage Expirations for Past Students drafted 30 May 2012

Separated out the AFS storage content onto a separate page 29 April 2015