D2L Integrations

D2L (Brightspace) is the primary course management system supported by MSU. Course management systems provide instructors with a system to create and deliver content to student, monitor participation, and assess student performance through a gradebook. Students can access course materials through D2L from any location with Internet access.

D2L also has a group feature that can be used for sharing and collaboration by work groups, committees, or other types of groups at MSU.

Various third-party tools and integrations can be used with D2L, but need to be requested and vetting by MSU IT.

D2L offers:

  • Content/course management
  • Assessment
  • Gradebook
  • Activity reporting tools
  • Access and support for third-party learning tool integrations

Use the D2L third-part integration form to request a new learning tool or feature.

This service is provided at no cost.

This service is supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with regularly scheduled maintenance periods. Extended maintenance occurs between academic semesters.

Service requests are acknowledged within 48 hours. When a request is made, an expected fulfillment date is provided and sent to the individual requesting the service.

The D2L Help site provides documentation, training opportunities, and known issue information.