Department Services

Access Requests

It is possible to gain access to data from many of the business systems at MSU. Assistance is available to determine what data you need and the steps necessary to access it.

Active Learning Classrooms

MSU offers several types of active learning classroom configurations with varying technical capabilities. These classrooms offer a flexible environment to increase student learning through group work, class participation, and increased interaction.

Analytics and Data Management

The Analytics and Data Management provides different Data Analytics and Data Management options, including using the MSU Enterprise Data Warehouse (MSUEDW), to help MSU units and colleges make data-driven decisions.

Application Development and Integration

IT Services can help units get secure access to data and integrate that data into custom applications. Additionally, we provide application development, integration, and ongoing maintenance based on customer needs. Also available is Application Performance Management.

Audiovisual (A/V) Equipment Rental

IT Services provides on-campus audiovisual (A/V) equipment rental and support for classes and other events held in classrooms and other university spaces.

Authentication and Authorization

MSU Authentication and Authorization is a group of central authentication systems intended to provide access to multiple systems using one credential.

Best Practices for Online & Blended Teaching

MSU IT offers best practices, guidelines, and information about the development and production of online teaching and learning experiences and course design.


MSU IT offers a Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD) infrastructure for units on campus. By joining the CampusAD domain, units can more easily collaborate with others by securely sharing resources with CampusAD users.

Classroom Support

IT Services Classroom Support monitors the performance of classroom technology systems, as well as provides media and audiovisual equipment delivery, set-up, operation, and technical support for MSU classes and events in university spaces. Call (517) 432-6200 to report a problem or ask about services.

Classroom Technology Training

MSU IT Classroom Support offers one-on-one training to MSU faculty, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants. Workshops are offered throughout the academic year on technology classrooms and the use of technology. Call (517) 432-6200 for more information or to set up training.

Classroom and Computer Lab Software

IT Services develops, implements, and supports software for all centrally-supported university classrooms and computer labs. A variety of software applications for Macs and PCs are licensed for instructional use. Instructors can request specific software for computer labs and classrooms.

Cloud Services

A university-wide agreement for self-managed cloud services are nearing completion for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. These cloud services offer exceptional compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality for scalability and growth.


Colocation is a way to provide campus departments and units an efficient and secure way to house their servers off-site and take advantage of the Computer Center Data Center's environmental controls and security features. Colocation allows departments to place their existing servers in a rack in the Computer Center Data Center. Colocation can also optimize overall server hardware costs for departments and the university.

Computer Help and Repair

Computer help and repair assistance is available in the MSU Tech Store in room 110 of the Computer Center for face-to-face consulting for in-warranty and out-of-warranty computers. There is no charge for basic consulting services.

Computer Labs

There are nearly 40 computer labs across campus for use by anyone with an MSU NetID. Students may drop in to use computer labs during available open hours. Instructors may schedule them to teach classes. Groups may also schedule computer lab space for events. Computer labs offer Windows and Macintosh systems, laser printers, a wide variety of current software, and high-speed Internet connections. Additional resources in select computer labs include flatbed scanners; audio, video, and image editing; web and print publishing.


Conferencing makes use of video, audio, and web technologies to provide real time interaction between participants in different departments. A variety of conferencing options are available and used at Michigan State University.

Consultation & Design for Classrooms and University Spaces

IT Services provides media consultation, design, integration, and installation of audiovisual (A/V) technologies for classroom and other meeting, teaching, and recreational facilities on campus.

Content Management System

Cascade Server is an enterprise-level web content management system that was purchased to assist with brand integration for MSU's websites, improve site usability, and provide easier and less costly maintenance of websites for university departments.

Course Management Systems

MSU supports several course management systems, including D2L and LON-CAPA.


D2L is MSU's main supported online learning management system.

Database Administration

IT Services can assist with all aspects of administering an Oracle database for software applications and systems. Database are set up according to client specifications and are hosted and maintained centrally.

Departmental NetIDs

Additional NetIDs can be purchased by an MSU department or organization for departmental, individual, or special project use.

Digital Accessibility Support

MSU IT provides accessibility consultation, review, and strategic planning for digital content, websites, web applications, courses, and other information technology.

Document Viewer

Document Viewer provides secure access to reports produced by the IT Services mainframe through a web browser. These reports are searchable, downloadable, and easily accessed.

Domain Name System (DNS)

MSU IT supports DNS for departments and units at MSU. The service provides greater redundancy than is normally designed in department-level systems.

Eli Review

Eli Review is a peer-based review platform that allows students and instructors to give feedback based on a set of criteria to pieces of writing. Instructors providing multiple formative assignments or relying extensively on peer review may find Eli a helpful tool for improving student writing.

Email List Management and Listservs

A number of email lists are available for subscription on a variety of MSU interests and topics. Individuals or groups may also use the listserv service to build and manage group email communications. Email lists are a form of opt-in mass communications with people of similar interests. Email lists comply with the "Appropriate Use of MSU Email Services."


IT Services works with customers to design and implement network firewalls. This includes working with customers to determine their needs and design firewall zones to complement those needs.

Forms Tracking Utility

The Forms Tracking Utility software and database create an environment that allows university-wide or departmental electronic forms to be routed to multiple persons for review, approval, and tracking.

Gartner Research

MSU has a licensing agreement with Gartner that provides access to research on the information technology industry. Access to the Gartner Portal is available to current MSU students, faculty, and staff using their NetID. Gartner can be a helpful tool for researching vendors and for IT purchasing decisions.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and software are available to the MSU community through the MSU Tech Store. There are also several campus-wide software licenses covered for departments and managed software in classrooms and computer labs.

Incident Response

Information Security oversees the process of removing sources of any technology incident, collecting evidence, addressing vulnerabilities, wiping any compromised data stores, and resuming business operations as soon as possible.

Instructional Creative Services

IT Services helps faculty and instructors produce multimedia, graphics, and videos for instructional use. We also can develop learning games and applications, as well as assist in grant proposal writing, budgeting, and implementation.


LON-CAPA is a web-based learning content management and assessment system.

Lecture Capture & Recording

MSU provides an Adobe Presenter PC-plugin for lecture capture. Additionally, as part of MSU Kaltura MediaSpace is a personal lecture capture tool that runs natively on PCs and Macs.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

IT Services supports an LDAP service that provides lookup capability for contact information for MSU students, faculty, staff, and affiliates.

MSU Badges

Participate in the MSU Badges pilot and award digital badges to motivate students in acquiring skills and knowledge for non-transcriptable accomplishments. Badges may be used in various contexts including learning management systems and websites.

MSU Code Repository

The MSU Code Repository uses the open source Git distributed version control system with the GitLab management application. Source code added to the repository will be private by default with options for sharing with both MSU and non-MSU users.

MSU Endpoint Security

MSU provides an endpoint antivirus protection license for departmental use to protect systems and data against viruses and malware. A license is also available for use on personal devices for faculty, researchers, and staff.

MSU Google for Education

IT Services offers the MSU community Google for Education to use for research, teaching, and collaborative projects. The enabled apps in the MSU Education Edition include Google Drive with unlimited storage, Google Sites, Google Classroom, and Google Calendar. MSU Google Apps are integrated with MSU NetIDs and passwords and offer increased securities and protections not found in the public version of these applications.

MSU ID Office

The MSU ID Office serves as a single point of contact regarding identity management and ID cards for students, faculty, staff, and MSU affiliates. The MSU ID Office provides first-level support for a wide variety of services tied to NetIDs and Spartan Cards, including electronic access control to buildings and parking gates, MSU Library services, Spartan Cash, and residence hall meal plans. Call (517) 355-4500 or visit room 170 in the International Center.

MSU IT Service Desk

The MSU IT Service Desk provides support for technology-related questions and issues. Support is available by telephone at (517) 432-6200, face-to-face, and online form.

MSU Mail Protection

MSU Mail Protection enhances MSU email security by providing increased protections and changing the way messages identified as spam or malicious are handled in your MSU email. These enhancements allow MSU IT to better protect the MSU community while significantly limiting the risk of legitimate emails not being delivered.

MSU Network

IT Services provides the MSU community with network and wired and wireless Internet access on campus and in outlying MSU research centers. IT Services also manages the MSUnet campus backbone and IP network resources.

MSU Network Registration

To connect to the MSU network and Internet, you must register computers and mobile devices with DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). You must register separately for wired (Ethernet) and wireless connections.

MSU Print

MSU Print facilitates printing from campus computer labs and remote printing to a specific campus printer. IT Services also provides MSU Print as a campus service and departments can request printers be deployed in their locations.

MSU Quality Matters

MSU offers a campus subscription to the Quality Matters rubric and online peer review resources to assist faculty and instructors in creating quality online and blended courses. MSU consultation is also available.

MSU SSL Certificates

MSU participates in the InCommon SSL Certificate Program, powered by Comodo, which provides SSL certificates for MSU servers and websites.

MSU Scoring Office

The Scoring Office provides secure "bubble sheet" scanning for objective tests, general data collection, the Student Instructional Rating System (SIRS), and other MSU instructional evaluations. Item analysis, test statistics, and grade keeping services are available to enhance testing. We also provide various services to support scanning, including customized analyses, statistical consulting support, and tailored reports and bubble sheet design.

MSU Tech Store

The MSU Tech Store offers educational pricing and discounts on computers, software, and accessories for the MSU community and departments. We also provide walk-in help and repair assistance in room 110 of the Computer Center.


Access to many MSU websites and online resources, including campus email and MSU Library services, requires an MSU NetID. The NetID website supports many NetID questions with the MSU ID Office providing identity management and NetID support.

Network Administrator Resources

IT Services offers various guidelines and information regarding for IP host data files, network statistics, and utilities for IT staff.

Network Consultation and Installation

IT Services offers network consulting, engineering, and installation services for MSU departments and units on and off campus. Network services include wired and wireless network design, installation, firewalls, virtual networking, and network security. Repair services are also available.

OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 is a protocol enabling applications to authenticate users, as well as provide authorization to access certain details or attributes of the user, all without your application receiving the user's password.

Online & Blended Learning Support

Teaching and Leaning Technology instructional designers consult with faculty and instructors to offer instructional design support for online and blended learning. This includes new course creation, enhancements, program development, assessment, and evaluation.

Online Test Proctoring

Two different online test proctoring options are available in MSU computer labs and technology classrooms, as well as within the MSU D2L learning management system.

Payment Support & E-Commerce

CASHNet at MSU is the university-supported application that accepts credit and debit card payments and adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Standards (PCI DSS). MSU e-commerce activities also use MSUPayment to ensure transaction-related data is available and secure to departments.

Record Ready Rooms

Instructors can record lectures in many technology classrooms on campus using a computer or laptop with a wireless microphone and record output dial.

Remote Printing

Remote printing services allow output from the IT Services mainframe to be printed on appropriately-configured printers in customer department offices.

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (RS&GIS) is the point of contact for geospatial technology services at MSU. RS&GIS provides expertise in the areas of geographic information systems, remote sensing, global positioning systems, application development, cartography, and graphic design.

Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning

MSU's University Classroom Committee spearheaded an effort to adopt innovative classroom designs to facilitate engaged and active learning. Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning (REAL) classroom spaces feature an instructor station, four flat panel displays around the room, dual flat panel displays at each table, and whiteboards around the room for each table.

SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN)

MSU's SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides faculty and staff a secure connection for accessing the MSU network when off campus. This SSL VPN service is centrally run by IT Services.

Security Incident and Network Abuse

Information Security assists with security incidents and network abuse. Follow these guidelines to report a violation of computer security policies, acceptable use policies, or standard security practices.

Service Status

Service Status displays status information about technology services provided through MSU IT Services and Telecommunication Systems. Service Status may also be used on occasion to display information about other campus services if a major portion of campus is affected.

Site Licensing

The MSU Computer Store has many licenses available for departmental use on campus, including many products that can be used by MSU faculty, staff, and students. Some of the site licenses are perpetual and some are part of annual contracts. To consult about possible site licensing opportunities, contact the MSU Site License Coordinator in the Tech Store at (517) 432-0700.

Spartan 365

Spartan 365 is a suite of Microsoft Office software customized and configured for MSU's unique environment.


There are several storage options avaialble to the MSU community including media storage solutions, online collaborative spaces, and types of department storage.

Student Response Systems

Instructors can use registered iClickers or Top Hat software to increase student engagement by transmitting student answers to questions. These tools can turn any classroom into an active learning environment.

Telecom Services

MSU Telecom Systems provides telephone, voicemail, cable TV, and radio repair services to students, faculty, and staff within the MSU community. Services also include consultation, analysis, two- way radio, wire management, and many others. Call Telecommunication Systems Customer Support at (517) 353-5515.


Turnitin is an optional resource toolset that faculty and instructors can use within D2L to assist students in the continued development of their writing skills in the online environment. Turnitin tools can also raise awareness of the rules of attribution by assisting faculty and students in detecting plagiarized material. The Turnitin toolset features Originality Check, GradeMark, PeerMark, ETS E-Rater, and iThenticate.

Video Production

MSU IT provides video production support and coordination of projects for courses, academic events, university meetings, and presentations.

Virtual Desktop

The MSU Virtual Desktop service gives authorized students, faculty, and staff access to licensed university software and applications through an online portal at

Virtual Server Hosting

Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual version of an operating system, a server, a storage device, or network resource. Some of the benefits to virtualization include reducing the overall cost of hardware like servers and cooling systems. Both self-managed and managed server virtualization options are available.

Vulnerability Management

Information Security cyclically tests select MSU systems for vulnerabilities and will continue on an ongoing basis to identify, classify, remediable, and mitigate vulnerabilities (especially in software and firmware) for computer and network security.

Web Hosting

IT Services Web Hosting offers MSU units and MSU-affiliated organizations the ability to put their websites online with an Internet name of their choice and have IT Services manage web server setup and routine system tasks. Several hosting options are available.

Website Archiving

The University Archives & Historical Collections (UAHC) collects and preserves the MSU's web pages of historical value produced by administrative offices, schools, departments, service units, institutes, centers, programs, as well as faculty, student, and alumni organization pages. Access to these archives is provided by the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine technology.

Website Services

Website services include a variety of tools like content management, sub domain requests, SSL certificates, and web hosting.


MSUnet Wireless is the university's centrally-managed wireless Internet service. Campus buildings vary in their wireless coverage. Limited wireless access is available for guests and within residence halls.

Wireless Consultation and Installation

MSUnet Wireless is centrally managed by IT Services. Departments and units may request wireless consultation and installation.

Workstation Support

IT Services offers desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile device, and tablet support to academic and administrative units at MSU. IT Services partners with each unit to find the right level of service and support based on different environments and needs.

Zoom web conferencing

Zoom is a cloud-based platform for video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, and online meetings. Pro account access is available for MSU faculty, staff, and students, and enhanced licenses are available through the MSU Tech Store.


iThenticate is an originality checking tool for scholarly publications, grant applications, and theses. This tool helps manuscript authors self-evaluate research and grant drafts prior to submission. iThenticate is available to MSU faculty, staff, and graduate students who request access.