Enterprise Information Stewardship

Enterprise Information Stewardship (EIS) reports to both IT Services and the Office of Planning and Budgets. EIS leads the Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics and Data Governance.

EIS brings together data usefulness, reliability, and security. Information usefulness rests on the foundation of data reliability and security. Data reliability requires a cross-subject-matter collaborative approach to stewardship, one that identifies subject-matter systems of record and fosters coherence through system integration. Each data element and grouping needs a clear, accessible and agreed-upon definition, as well as consistent, coherent business rules for collection, entry, maintenance, and use.

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Staff Listing for Enterprise Information Stewardship

Yesim Askin, Director

Amy Driver

Barb Monroe

Ben O’Brien, Cognos and Data Stage Administrator

Mark Terry, Developer and Project Manager

Evelyn Griffith-Portee, Data Stewardship Resource Admin.

Patty Worso, Data Stewardship Resource Steward

Staff Listing for Data Warehouse

Brian Werner, Lead

Srikanth Balusu

Sowjanya Chinta

Purna Durshanpalli

Kanchana Hiran Jayasekara

Jigna Modi

Siva Krishna Parupali

Ashwin Putcha

Dinesh Sakote

Sreekanth Yarraguntla

Staff Listing for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Stephanie Dombroski, Lead

Deepu Jacob

Suresh Kamakula

Mohammed Nasim Khan

Douglas Krum

Aleemuddin Muhammed

Ritesh Prajapati

Sohail Shams