Access Requests

MSU employees currently gain access to certain systems and applications through an access request process coordinated by MSU Information Technology. Access to a variety of information systems, mainframe data files, and reporting databases for MSU faculty and staff is granted by either electronic (eARM) or hard copy access request memorandums (ARM).

Before allowing access to these system and data, the employing department of the individual requiring access and the department responsible for the data must approve access for the the individual.

The following sections describe the procedures required to obtain authorization to access systems administered by MSU IT and the various applications available through them.

Getting Started

In order to access any of the application systems administered by MSU IT, appropriate approvals from the employing unit and from the application steward must be obtained.

Requests for system access are submitted using an Electronic Access Request Memorandum (eARM) or a hard copy manually routed to MSU IT. In order to facilitate access to specific systems, there are several custom ARMs available from the ARM Index and EBS Enterprise ARM Index. The generic ARM can be used to request any type of access.

While it’s not a requirement to use a customized form when requesting access, it is strongly encouraged as they contain important details and information required to grant the access.

What to Do with the ARM

Once an ARM or eARM is completed, it will be routed to the requestor’s department, security contact or department head for signature. Paper ARMs should be routed to MSU IT Service Desk, Computer Center, 450 Auditorium Road, Room 201, East Lansing, MI 48824.

It may also be necessary to obtain signatures from the application or data stewards. If necessary, MSU IT will collect any additional signatures necessary to process the request.

For mainframe access, an Accessor ID (ACID) also referred to as USERID and a password issued by the MSU IT Service Desk will be sent to each individual specified on the request. These are required for a user to access the mainframe.

For non-mainframe systems, a user ID and password (generally the individual’s MSU NetID and password) will be required to access the system. The original requestor and the person requiring access will be notified via email when the access has been granted.