Campus Exchange

MSU funds a Microsoft Exchange service for MSU departments. Campus Exchange services provide central management of the email and calendaring features in an Exchange environment so units don’t need to support one locally.

MSU Information Technology manages Campus Exchange and maintains two data centers replicating customer data to both sites for business continuity and to minimize outages.

Using Campus Exchange means your mailbox is part of CampusAD. MSU IT also offers on-premise Exchange as part of the CampusAD service.

For remote Campus Exchange mailbox access, you can log into the Outlook Web App from any device at


An Exchange account includes:

  • Online webmail access (
  • A 10GB mailbox
  • Task management
  • Group and shared calendaring features
  • Resource scheduling (e.g., rooms, vehicles, projectors)
  • Mobile device access and synchronization
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office products
  • Secure, granular permission delegation
  • Spam and email virus filtering


The below diagram shows the Exchange 2010 design in CampusAD and how different protocols interact with the environment.

It shows how clients enter the environment from the cloud and how that data is then passed to load balancers.

From there, the load is balanced based on the type of protocol and sent to either the Client Access Servers (CAS) or the Hub Transports servers. Then customers can interact with the mail stored on the Mailbox Servers.

Exchange topology diagram