Learn about the MSU Gartner Portal

UPDATE: https://go.msu.edu/HWz.

MSU has a licensing agreement to provide current students, faculty, and staff access to in-depth research and analysis on information technology topics from Gartner Inc.

The MSU community can access this research by logging into the Gartner Portal using their MSU NetID and password.

What is Gartner?

Gartner Core Research provides in-depth, impartial research and opinions from top IT industry analysts regarding technology related market intelligence data, research, advancements, and products.

Gartner provides insights on:

  • Technology-related research
  • Current trends in technology
  • Business issues in different industries
  • IT strategy and management
  • Technology case studies

Read more about the Gartner terms and conditions as part of MSU’s membership and licensing agreement.

Ways to use Gartner

Gartner research can help students learn about how technology is used in the industry as part of their course studies or job hunts.

Faculty and instructors can use Gartner to highlight case studies to bring real world issues regarding technology into the classroom.

Staff and IT staff can use Gartner to assist in criteria when making technology-based business decisions. Searching Gartner provides articles to help understand of a solution, situation, best practice, or business area under consideration.