Year: 2017

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New semester, new start: 7 ways to get ready for classes

We want you to start your fall semester at Michigan State University out right! Know the MSU technology resources available by following these seven tips.

1. Secure your digital devices

Taking time to secure your digital devices (yes, even your smartwatch) is critical to ensuring your online safety.

The easiest step you can take is to password protect all of your devices and never leave your things unattended (including in the library). Read Full Article →

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Check out new MSU tech tools to improve your work

MSU IT is committed to providing the best and most secure technology we can to the MSU community.

We are currently making changes as we seek to improve the technology, specifically the collaborative tools, available to MSU. We have launched new tools we’d like to share with you.

Spartan 365

MSU IT is now offering Spartan 365 tools to MSU faculty and staff. Read Full Article →

Two-Factor Authentication for D2L Faculty Graders & Users

Two-factor authentication to be added to MSU D2L for faculty

MSU is expanding the applications and systems that use two-factor authentication to further safeguard personal and institutional data.

Starting on August 14, faculty will need to use two-factor authentication when logging into the MSU D2L course management system. Two-factor authentication will expand to other D2L roles with grading privileges soon. Read Full Article →

Student and parent shopping at the MSU Tech Store.

Parents: 3 questions to set your Spartan up for success

We know getting ready to attend Michigan State University can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve outlined 3 questions to make sure your Spartan has the right devices and technology to help them succeed at MSU.

Another resource is the MSU Tech Store, located conveniently on campus, which has experts available to talk to you about the technology your Spartan may need. Read Full Article →

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Building & sharing a prototype in learning design process (Part 2)

The following is a Part 2 of a two-part blog post on prototyping used for learning design. In Prototyping Part 1, I introduced what prototyping is and how I’ve used it as an instructional designer. Here in Part 2, I highlight some ways to build and share your prototype.

Mindset: Build to think

Disposition: Must be curious, creative, and willing to learn

How to build a prototype

Here are a three basic “remixed” steps on building a prototype within Learning Design (from IDEO U):  

  1. Build: Get tangible quickly.
Read Full Article →
Graphic of post it notes with headliine "Prototyping in Learning Design."

Why I use prototyping in my learning design process (Part 1)

The following is a two part blog post on prototyping used for learning design. Here in Part 1, I introduce what prototyping is and how I’ve used it as an instructional designer. In Prototyping Part 2, I highlight some ways to build and share your prototype.

I love my job as an instructional designer. Read Full Article →

MSU classroom image reminding that computer labs and classrooms will be upgraded to Windows 10 software.

MSU upgrading to Windows 10 in computer labs, classrooms

MSU IT will be upgrading to Windows 10 in university computer labs and classroom tech carts during August 7-25 in preparation for the fall 2017 semester.

Summer technology upgrades

This upgrade will help leverage new technologies and security features in Windows 10.

In addition to the Windows 10 upgrade, MSU IT will also perform its normal summer software and application patching and maintenance in labs and classrooms. Read Full Article →

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Learn more about REAL classrooms in the Tech Break podcast

Listen to episode 3 of the student-led MSU Tech Break podcast, “Discussing REAL Classrooms with Real Students.

In the third episode of MSU’s student-led Tech Break podcast, education student Meghan Hurley discusses the topic of Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning (REAL) spaces with two recent MSU graduates, Hannah Hunter and Miranda Summerfield. Read Full Article →

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10 steps get your tech ready for MSU AOP

Welcome, Spartans! We are excited that you are starting your academic journey here at Michigan State University. The Academic Orientation Program (AOP) is an important step to get ready for the fall semester.

It’s our priority to ensure your experience goes smoothly, so we’ve outlined easy steps to get you and your tech devices ready for MSU! Read Full Article →

Qualtrics Survey Tips

Learn three quick tips for customizing your MSU Qualtrics survey

Qualtrics offers its users many powerful features, so many that it can be hard to keep track of them.

We’d like to highlight a couple of these useful tools for customizing your MSU Qualtrics survey using the “Look and Feel” menu and the an authenticator to limit access to your survey. Read Full Article →