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Avatar Dr. Jessica Knott is the Learning Design Manager and applied researcher for MSU IT Teaching and Learning Technology. She has worked in information technology since 1998, spanning the public and academic sectors. She has been active in collaborating with colleagues nationwide in planning conferences for the Online Learning Consortium, and she is an editor for the Hybrid Pedagogy Journal ( Find her on Twitter @jlknott.
MSU Faculty Technology Use Survey

The “Faculty Technology Use in Teaching Survey” was conducted by MSU IT during spring 2017. The results help MSU IT and campus stakeholders learn more about how faculty use instructional technology both inside and outside of the classroom.

It was emailed to approximately 3,100 faculty, and there were 373 respondents.

The top 5 MSU colleges to respond included:

  1. Social Science
  2. Agriculture & Natural Science
  3. Arts & Letters
  4. Natural Science
  5. Human Medicine

NOTE: Percentages were rounded down to full numbers in the following metrics. Read Full Article →

2017 MSU Instructional Design Winners

Four outstanding instructors for online and blended courses were selected as recipients of the 2017 MSU AT&T Faculty-Staff Awards in Instructional Technology.

“The AT&T Awards provide a venue for MSU to recognize outstanding faculty and staff whose innovation and creativity inspire others in new ways of using technology in instruction,” said Severin Grabski, lead judge for 2017 AT&T Awards; associate professor in the Department of Accounting & Information Systems, College of Business; and senior faculty advisor to the CIO of MSU. Read Full Article →

2016 AT&T Award winners

Five outstanding instructors and online and blended courses were selected as recipients of the 2016 AT&T Award Competition in Instructional Technology.

The 2016 recipients are:


Katie Gregory, PSY 270

PSY 270: Community Psychology was designed to introduce students to the field of community psychology, including the study of social problems and their solutions (e.g., issues around education, food systems, gender­-based violence, homelessness, juvenile justice, mental health, substance abuse and addiction, and veterans’ issues). Read Full Article →


In December, MSU upgraded to D2L 10.5, which offers expanded functionality and user experience upgrades.

One of the new features available is Brightspace Pulse, a mobile app that can help students see what is coming up in their courses and manage their time and efforts accordingly. The Pulse app is supported on Android and iOS. Read Full Article →

Intellectual Map graphic of The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology.

MSU IT Teaching and Learning Technology retired the Learning Design and Technology (LearnDAT) brand on January 16. LearnDAT is part of MSU Information Technology and the newly formed Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology.

If you subscribed to the LearnDAT-Announce listserv, you will be transitioned to Sev Grabski’s Instructional Technology listserv, which frequently cross posted similar information. Read Full Article →


This year, MSU IT Services partnered with the Educause Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) to distribute a survey measuring faculty attitudes and perceptions of campus technologies in their academic work. This report compares MSU and peer institution responses to the overall national picture, as outlined in Dahlstrom & Brooks' (2014) Study of Faculty and Information Technology. Read Full Article →


This report was written in an attempt to measure the extent to which students find Eli Review useful, and the struggles they encounter in using it. It also addresses administrative and pedagogical concerns. This report is ongoing, and a qualitative analysis of student comments is currently underway.

Click here to download the report (.doc). Read Full Article →


In 2012, Michigan State University adopted Turnitin, a product of iParadigms, in August of 2012 as means to provide the campus with a tool for the improvement of student writing. Intentions were that the suite of tools provided in the Turnitin contract would provide faculty with abilities beyond plagiarism detection, and encourage the development of student writing efficacy and performance, in line with the Bolder by Design initiative. Read Full Article →


IT Services Teaching and Learning, in conjunction with IT Services and other collaborators, pursues applied research projects intended to broaden the administrative and pedagogical understanding of the technologies and resources offered at Michigan State University. These reports aim to cover many applications, and formats may vary. If you have questions regarding the reports shared here, contact Jessica Knott, IT Services Teaching and Learning. Read Full Article →