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MSU celebrates National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber security continues to grow in importance, and we all play a role in today’s highly networked world of systems, information, and technology.

MSU Information Technology helps celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) by promoting safe computing tips and supporting the MSU Security Summit on October 15.

MSU SecureIT

SecureIT is the main safe computing initiative at MSU encouraging safe personal computing, as well as information security guidelines and best practices for dealing with institutional data. Read Full Article →

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MSU provides guidelines for handling, securing institutional data

MSU’s Institutional Data Policy (IDP) holds every member of the university community individually responsible for the appropriate use and protection of institutional data, and especially of confidential data, in their possession or control.

A first step to securing institutional data is increasing awareness about institutional data and confidential data.

Confidential data needs to be stored only on a secured server. Read Full Article →


MSU offers SecureIT tips for securing mobile devices

It’s important to safeguard your personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

  1. Use a passcode to lock your device when not in use.
  2. Set up automatic updates for operating systems, web browsers, and apps.
  3. If connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, be cautious about the sites visited and the information accessed.
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MSU offers SecureIT phishing tips for faculty and staff

Michigan State University needs you to help keep our network and data safe.

Faculty and staff work with institutional data daily and need to take extra precautions, especially when dealing with potential phishing messages.

Know what things to look for in an email that may indicate it’s a phishing attempt.

  • Does the from line or subject line look suspicious?
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