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Know your tech in 2019

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to make the most of MSU IT. Now that the holiday fun is finished, take some time before spring semester gets into full swing to learn a little more about technology available to students and how MSU IT can assist in utilizing it. Read Full Article →

get your entertainment devices connected! dhcp.msu.edu

New tech? Get connected to the MSU Network

Did you score new tech over winter break? Follow these steps to get connected and to make sure you’re getting the most out of the tools available to you.  

1. Get connected

Whether it’s a new laptop, smartphone, gaming system, or streaming gadget, you’ll need to register your device to access to the MSU Network. Read Full Article →

MSU instructional designers and faculty work together on improving online courses.

Select IT Services LearnDAT tools and applications to be retired on July 31

Select IT Services LearnDAT tools and applications will be retired on July 31 due to low usage and third party alternatives.

Tools that will be retired on July 31 include: Read Full Article →


Happy Holidays from Teaching & Learning!

Here are 15 free productivity tools and ideas to start 2015 off right! Good People

I work with an amazing team of instructional designers, faculty and educational media designers. These people are good. If you have worked with them before, you will know what I mean.

They know what they are doing mostly because they are constantly learning and collaboratively growing in their craft. Read Full Article →