Custom Training

MSU IT can arrange custom training or coordinate specific training tailored around department needs. Scheduling custom training depends on the participants, instructor, software needed, and facilities. Departments who need to enroll numerous staff members in a technology training course may find it more cost effective to set up a customized training.

Email to request consultation about custom training or special sessions.

Classroom equipment training is also available upon request.


Custom training and special sessions are billed for a minimum of five participants regardless if fewer than five people attend. Sessions with more than five participants are billed on a per person basis. Specific class size can be arranged through MSU IT.

If the special session is a course currently offered, then the per participant cost will be the same as listed in the Spartans Learn Catalog or in EBS. That cost includes course materials. If the session not currently offered or held off campus, there may be additional travel and facility fees.

Additional course fees for special sessions are determined based on if sessions are just coordinated or coordinated and customized.

A general administrative fee of $84.50 is charged for coordination of a special session for one of the normal technology training courses or a specific course not currently offered.

If an individual or department wants to have a course developed or customized by MSU IT, an additional fee of $84.50 per hour will be charged. Consulting with MSU IT can provide a better estimation of the overall time and cost to develop or customize a specific session.

Educational Assistance benefits may be used to help cover the cost of specific sessions.


A special session needs to be canceled at least one week prior to the scheduled class date. Fees for course materials may still be billed if they have already been purchased.

If canceled later than a week prior to the scheduled class date, the special session will still be billed as if it had run and will include course material fees if they have been purchased.

If work on a customized session began before a training session is canceled or materials were ordered, fees may be still be billed for the time spent.