Technology in Classrooms

Technology classrooms feature a variety of equipment for instructional use.

This equipment can include:

Technology Carts

Technology carts contain contain multi-inputs and outputs for projection of both data (computer) and video sources. A computer switch box allows the use of both built-in PC and a guest (laptop) computer. The built-in DVD/VCR player projects both videotape and campus cable playback in the classroom. The amplifier provides sound for both computer and video sources and a built-in monitor displays computer images. Some locations may also contain other types of equipment such as document cameras.

tech cart


Crestron Touch-Panel Control System

Crestron Touch-Panel Control Systems are used in many classrooms.

These systems alleviate the need for multiple remote controls in the room, and provide a user-friendly interface.


The majority of technology classrooms are equipped with Dell PCs.

Computers are configured to connect to the campus network so an instructor may access the Internet, connect to online collaborative spaces or storage, or use other MSU network resources.

The software configuration in technology classroom is the same as is in computer labs.

Standard on PC systems:

  • CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive
  • LCD Monitor with built-in USB ports
  • Windows 10 OS
  • Microsoft Office and many other applications

Standard on Mac systems:

  • LCD monitor with built-in USB ports
  • Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Office and many other applications


The DVD/VCR combo units in technology classrooms feature advanced still-frame and frame-by-frame advance features and other standard DVD playback features.

Auxiliary Control Panel

This panel is used for connecting a laptop computer to the cart. The VGA cable is permanently attached to the panel which connects to the “video-out” port of the laptop. In addition, there are audio and video inputs located on the panel for connection of a variety of media equipment.

Note: Technology carts are not platform dependent. A PC laptop can be connected to a Mac tech cart, and a Mac laptop can be connected to a PC tech cart.

control panel


An amplifier is located in a majority of the carts. The amplifier controls the sound volume of the computer, the DVD/VCR unit, microphone (where applicable), and other video sources.

There are individual controls for each device as well as a master volume control.

Video/Data Projectors

High brightness video/data projectors are permanently mounted in the technology classrooms.