iClicker Base / Receiver Locations

Clickers, or Student Response Systems, help promote student learning by transforming any classroom into an active learning environment. Students use registered clickers to transmit answers to questions posted by instructors, which increases participation and engagement.

MSU centrally supports the iClicker system, though instructors should select the clicker system that best meets their pedagogical needs.

Below are the current university classrooms with iClicker bases.  The bases provided in these locations are only receivers.  The computers on the technology carts do not have iClicker software installed.  The instructor should have the software downloaded on a USB flash drive.

Agriculture Hall
Room 8

Akers Hall
Room 137

Anthony Hall
Room 1281

Business College Complex
Rooms N21, N100, N130

Room 101

Brody Hall
Rooms 134, 136, 138, 175

Berkey Hall
Rooms 107, 110, 117, 118, 207, 12C

Bessey Hall
Room 105

Biomedical & Physical Sciences
Rooms 1410, 1415, 1420

Computer Center
Room 402

Clinical Center
Room A219

Communications Arts & Sciences
Rooms 147, 151, 155

Room 102

Room 1345, 2320, 2400

Rooms 117, 118

Erickson Hall
Room 103, 226

Ernst Bessey Hall
Room 105, 108, 311, 316

Farrall Agricultural Engineering
Room 116

Fee Hall
Rooms E109, E111

Giltner Hall
Room 146

Holden Hall
Rooms C131, C132, C133, C134, C135, C136, G8

Holmes Hall
Room C106

Hubbard Hall
Room 128

Human Ecology
Room 300

IM Circle
Room 25

International Center
Room 115

Kedzie Hall
Rooms N101, S105, S107, S109

Kresge Art Center
Room 35

McDonel Hall
Rooms 2, 38, C107

Molecular Plant Sciences
Room 1200

Natural Resources
Rooms 158, 306

Natural Sciences
Rooms 116, 128, 145, 326

Olds Hall
Room 109, 111

Old Horticulture
Room 206

Room 100

Plant & Soil Science
Rooms A148, A155

Psychology Building
Rooms 118, 120

Snyder/Phillips Hall
Room CB20

Rooms 50, 55

Vet Clinic
Room E100

Wells Hall
Rooms A304, A332, B104, B106, B115, B117, B119, B122

Wilson Hall
Room C102

Wonders Hall
Room C100