Instructional Design & Development

Online & Blended Learning Support

Take advantage of MSU IT’s experience in creative and technical instructional design and accessibility course development. We can also assess the effectiveness of your course or evaluate student learning.

This includes new course creation, course enhancements, accessibility services, program development, assessment, and evaluation. By working with various instructors and courses, our instructional designers make recommendations and provide opportunities for cross-pollination between disciplines and departments.

Additionally, we offer creative services to faculty and instructors like multimedia, graphics, videos, learning games and applications, and grant proposal writing for instructional purposes.

This support is funded by MSU IT for faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and teaching assistants for credit course development and some non-credit course development. Request a consultation by calling (517) 432-6200 or filling out this online form.

Course Design & Creation

We can help with course learning objectives and assist during the first offering of your course. Your assigned instructional designer will also provide enhancements based on feedback after the semester ends.

An instructional designer will provide:

  • Step-by-step instructional design assistance
  • Help to develop and implement course learning objectives
  • Feedback gathering and analysis

Discuss instructional design strategies to ensure the needs of diverse learners are met. Work with designers to make content modular for repackaging, create online courseware for multiple audiences, and make sure online content is accessible.

Course Enhancements

Instructional designers can suggest enhancements based on your course, student needs, and technology.

Our staff will provide:

  • Assistance identifying and tailoring your course to meet faculty and student needs
  • Technology explorations to improve course efficiency

We can help instructors discover ways to improve courses and consider ways technology could enhance course content or the learning environment.

Online & Blended Program Development

Our staff can help plan, budget, organize, deliver, and assess the effectiveness of degree and certificate programs. We also have years of successful experience partnering with various departments at MSU to establish their program online.

Call (517) 432-6200 or fill out this online form to set up a consultation with an instructional designer.

Creative Services

Our staff can also provide consultation on:

  • Interactive or custom instructional tools
  • Video services
  • Website development
  • Quality Matters assessment of online and blended courses
  • Grant proposal consultation

Instructional designers can also help produce multimedia modules for teaching and learning, learning games, web applications, and tools for online and blended courses. Fees for faculty, staff, and principal investigators vary based on the type of course.

Some examples include:

  • Certificate: An application that produces a printable certificate of completion with editable fields for an online course.
  • CheckDAT: An application that creates a list of items to place on a web page as a whole list or individual items.
  • GradeView: A widget for uploading and sharing grades with students.
  • SelfCheck: A tool for creating and managing interactive questions that can be embedded in a web page.

On-site video recording and photography is available for educational projects, such as laboratory experiments, on-location training, and in situ guest lectures.

Developers are available for consulting and contract work associated with the design, creation, and hosting of websites for online degree programs, grants with an educational outreach component, and any learning related projects.

MSU IT Academic Technology can help provide budget estimates, a timeline, and assist with grant approval. We also can participate in the implementation of these solutions, which could include online and multimedia components.

Accessibility Services

MSU IT can provide a course accessibility report using the D2L course inventory tool to help prioritize what course content should be evaluated and updated for accessibility and usability. This is a free service for faculty and instructors teaching credit courses in D2L.

Accessibility specialists will review courses using accessibility and universal design principles. The report and consultation will also identify and discuss assumptions that could be barriers to learning and help with simple changes.

Additionally, our staff can help with:

  • Captioning support
  • Faculty accessibility training
  • Universal Design for Learning best practices

Request an accessibility consultation or review using the online form and someone will respond within two business days. Also check out the broader digital accessibility support for more services.

The MSU Web Accessibility site also has information on content quick tips and tutorials.