Online Test Proctoring

There are several different types of online test proctoring options available. These test proctoring options offer instructors different ways to securely proctor online assessments.

Proctoring Software in Classrooms & Computer Labs

The Securexam Browser software, licensed and supported by MSU through Software Secure, is available on computers in technology classrooms and public computer labs to maintain test integrity in a secure web browser.

Securexam Browser includes:

  • Application blocking to keep test takers out of programs that could affect academic integrity before and during the exam.
  • Access prevention so test takers can’t access other websites, files, and folders on their desktops.
  • Function blocking to prevent test takers from printing, copying, or cutting and pasting data on their screens, in order to protect intellectual property and prevent question theft.

D2L Proctoring Integration

MSU IT also integrated Remote Proctor NOW as an online test proctoring option within the D2L system.

The Remote Proctor NOW integration allows instructors to set up exams within D2L that are facilitated in a secure and proctored testing environment by Software Secure.

The cost for proctoring is $15 per exam.

Remote Proctor NOW includes:

  • Authentication of the identity of the test taker.
  • A captured exam session, which is later reviewed by certified proctors.
  • A report to the instructor with links to a video for each proctored exam.

More documentation about the D2L integration and directions for using Remote Proctor NOW is available for instructors and students.