Student Response Systems

Student Response Systems

Student Response Systems help promote student learning by transforming any classroom into an active learning environment.

Students use registered clickers, software, or mobile apps to transmit answers to questions posted by instructors, which increases participation and engagement. Instructors who have adopted student response systems find them an integral part of their teaching portfolio.

The iClicker system is supported within select MSU classrooms. MSU also partners with Top Hat software.


iClicker offers clicker remotes and iClicker Reef that enables students may use their own devices (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop) instead of a physical clicker. Both physical iClicker remotes and iClicker Reef can be used side-by-side in the same classroom.

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Top Hat Software

Top Hat software can be used to increase student engagement in and out of class by enabling students to engage with peers and interact with course materials. The platform is customizable based on class size, course subject, and teaching style. With Top Hat software, students use their own laptop or mobile device to answer quizzes, reply to polls, and respond to class simulations.

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