Student Success Dashboard

The Student Success Dashboard is an advising and analytics platform that enables innovative, proactive advising processes. It provides advisors with key information to manage action analytics and support students in making informed decisions.

The dashboard couples process improvements with technology to identify student actions that could influence retention, graduation, and timely progress to a degree. This tool is part of the broader Student Success Transformation Initiative.

MSU students at graduation in their robes.

The Student Success Dashboard is used:

  • By undergraduate students to schedule appointments with their advisors.
  • By advisors and support staff for appointment scheduling and pulling student data and information based on predetermined success markers and risks.

Predictive Analytics

The Student Success Dashboard utilizes more than 10 years of MSU data to identify student performance patterns influencing persistence and graduation. Our vendor partner, the Education Advisory Board, analyzed the data to develop a predictive model specifically for MSU students and the results of this model are integrated within the dashboard through reports at the college, program, and course level.

The insights gathered from these reports as success markers also provide at-a-glance visual cues for advisors when they view a student. An example success marker might be designating performance at or above a certain grade point in a specific critical course to correlate with success in a certain degree program.

Advisors are trained to use the Student Success Dashboard tool, as well as on ethical use of data and interviewing techniques to support MSU students.

Success Markers

Academic colleges and MSU Institutional Research reviewed the data and identified success markers to use as part of the predictive model. Success markers were developed by faculty and staff for each major, unit, and college.

This is an iterative process as MSU learns how to best leverage predictive models and encode these as visual job aids for advisors. Regular review and revisions by advisors and academic leadership are important.

Student communications campaigns are set on a university and college level for better measurement and more consistent outreach. Some campaigns will be tied directly to determined success markers. Campaigns are informed by the predictive model and success markers developed by MSU faculty for each major, unit and college.

Read more in the Student Success Dashboard Privacy Statement.