Test Scanning & Scoring

Scoring Office

The MSU Scoring Office provides secure “bubble sheet” scanning for objective tests, general data collection, the Student Instructional Rating System (SIRS), and other MSU instructional evaluations. Item analysis, test statistics, and grade keeping services are available to enhance testing.

A major use of this service is to score and record item responses to tests. Instructors can use the DigitalDesk assessment system for grade-keeping, test and item analysis, and feedback to students. MSU funds DigitalDesk services for MSU courses. (See examples of DigitalDesk Reports.)

The Scoring Office also provides:

  • Item analysis and test analysis
  • Custom form design
  • Statistical and psychometric consulting
  • Data analysis and interpretation

Student Instructional Rating System

The Student Instructional Rating System (SIRS) collects student feedback on all participating courses at the end of each semester to assess and improve course design, content, and engagement.

This feedback also contributes to faculty retention, promotion, tenure, and salary decisions.

Some departments use print-based, bubble-sheet SIRS in class and some use the SIRS Online application for student evaluations.

SIRS Online

SIRS Online surveys open and close automatically, allowing students time at the end of a course to provide anonymous feedback. The application ensures students submit only one survey per course.

To encourage participation, course grades are sequestered for a week after grade submission for students who haven’t completed SIRS Online. To release grades, students can complete the survey or select the option to decline to participate.

Departments can use SIRS Online for online and in-person courses. (Read more information about SIRS Online usage by departments.)

Student Opinion of Courses and Teaching

The Student Opinion of Courses and Teaching (SOCT) surveys collect data on undergraduate courses taught by MSU faculty during fall and spring semesters.

SOCT surveys are not collected for summer courses or any courses taught by graduate assistants.

The SOCT questions were developed together information that may be helpful to students when selecting classes and faculty members in those courses.

The aggregate results of the SOCT survey are updated at least twice a year and are available to the MSU community online.