Gartner Research

Gartner is one of the world’s leading providers of research and analysis about the global information technology (IT) industry. They provide data, advice and opinions to clients worldwide, deliver consulting engagements throughout year, and hold annual events where they review the results of their studies to attendees.

MSU has an agreement with Gartner providing the university community with insights, guidance, and best practices on virtually all areas of IT.

Gartner Core Research

Gartner core research tools provide timely, objective real-world examples and content about information technology for MSU students, faculty, and staff, to benefit from. Gartner tools can help:

  • Students looking for advice in digital content management and portal strategies, library systems, and search engines.
  • Faculty and researchers investigating technology tools for use in the classroom and out in the field.
  • IT professionals improving their understanding of long-term trends and issues and gaining valuable insight to the application of technology to business problems.
  • Presidents, provosts, deans, directors, and chairs obtaining objective advice and assistance on developing enterprise business and IT strategies, as well as organization structures, leadership, and staffing.

How to access

Current MSU students, faculty, and staff may access Gartner research and reports through the Gartner portal. To access the portal, an MSU NetID and password is required. (Read about the Gartner terms and conditions.)