CRM for Undergraduate Admissions


Undergraduate Admissions will use CRM technology to meet current and future business needs. This project is one element of a strategic assessment by Deloitte; this assessment gives recommendations to focus on recruitment and matriculation of out-of-state students through tracking and email automation.

Utilizing the enterprise Salesforce instance (with the managed package, TargetX), this project will cover functionality for the following areas:

  • prospect demographic/profile information
  • territory management
  • alerts
  • prospect scoring
  • activity tracking
  • application and decision process (applicant assessment and review for recruiters)
  • deduplication
  • events management
  • registration forms
  • web-to-lead (RFI) forms

In addition, they will be using Pardot for email campaign and automation, as well as subscription management. This project is for a Phase 1 and anticipates a need for possible future phases. No licensing increases would be expected for future phases.


  • MSU Undergraduate Admissions has a need for technology that will automate communications to perspective students, segment the student population and target personalized communications, and provide reporting and analytics on communications campaigns. Using this technology, they will meet larger strategic initiatives for enrollment management.


  • TargetX Workstream JIRA stories are being identified for future Sprint Planning efforts.
  • Work continues on the TargetX Action Plan tasks for the Online Application.
  • Online Application Workbook Review Session with TargetX Completed.
  • Leadership took the decision to continue Salesforce application, portal, and decision module prototype efforts while maintaining all current processes and data feeds to Campus Solutions.


  • TargetX Readiness (May 2019)
  • May Release (June 2019)
  • June Release (Scheduled for July 2019)
  • July Release (Scheduled for July 2019)