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Parents: 3 questions to set your Spartan up for success

We know getting ready to attend Michigan State University can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve outlined 3 questions to make sure your Spartan has the right devices and technology to help them succeed at MSU.

Another resource is the MSU Tech Store, located conveniently on campus, which has experts available to talk to you about the technology your Spartan may need. Read Full Article →

Building & sharing a prototype in learning design process (Part 2)

The following is a Part 2 of a two-part blog post on prototyping used for learning design. In Part 1, I introduced what prototyping is and how I’ve used it as an instructional designer. Here in Part 2, I highlight some ways to build and share your prototype.

Mindset: Build to think

Disposition: Must be curious, creative, and willing to learn

How to build a prototype

Here are a three basic “remixed” steps on building a prototype within Learning Design (from IDEO U):  

  1. Build: Get tangible quickly.
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