Service Status

MSU Information Technology maintains the Service Status site displaying information about services and systems provided by MSU IT to the university. The Distance Learning Services Help Desk and Telecommunications also use the Service Status site.

Additionally, the Service Status system may be used to display information about other campus services if an event affects a major portion of campus.

Information appears on Service Status after entered into the system. Portions of this information are also displayed via RSS feeds (with a 5-minute delay) on the home pages of several MSU sites. These feeds can be used to display service information in a variety of formats.

Read more on standard maintenance windows and incident response.

Services & Systems Dashboard

The systems dashboard shows the status of MSU IT services at a glance. Services are list as the number that are Up, Down, or with an Issue.

  • Green – Service is operating normally (Up)
  • Orange – Performance issues (Issue)
  • Red – Service disruption (Down)

Service Notifications

Systems that are currently unavailable for access are listed in Service Notifications. Information in this section includes any impacted service, the time of an incident, and when the next update will be provided for any impacted service.

Planned Maintenance

MSU IT services that are scheduled for maintenance are listed under Planned Maintenance. Information in this section includes any service scheduled for maintenance and when that maintenance will take place.

Services History

Services History provides a grid view of state of MSU IT systems over a selected period of time. This view supports the ability to see at a glance the number of days a system was available, scheduled for maintenance, experiencing a performance issue or service disruption.