Effortless PC

Effortless PC is Michigan State University’s standardized menu of workstation and computing options available for use by staff and faculty.

Each menu item is designed to address and meet the needs of a specific sub-section of the MSU community.

Approximately 90% of staff and faculty will have their computing needs met through the Effortless PC menu.

Benefits of Effortless PC

Purchasing through the Effortless PC menu:

  • reduces deployment time
  • decreases cost
  • increases data security

How to Purchase

View the full menu here.

Purchases can be made through the Spartan Marketplace by logging in and clicking on the Dell sub-category. Prices are subject to change.

Questions or Concerns?

MSU IT is available 24/7 to support your IT needs. Contact the MSU IT Service Desk using one of the methods listed below.