MSU Email Expirations for Past Students

All incoming Michigan State University students are issued an MSU NetID which, upon activation, gives them access to a variety of university resources. MSU NetIDs and passwords are permanently assigned to access student records or for future enrollment.

An official MSU email address is issued to students at the time of admittance to MSU. This official MSU email address is the MSU NetID followed by “” (e.g., and resides in MSU’s Webmail system.

If you graduated in 2014 or after, your MSU email account has not been disabled and there are no current plans to disable it.


When email accounts were initially provided to students in the late 1990s, very few alternatives to the central email service existed, and MSU was committed to keeping student email accounts available for at least two years post-graduation. Similarly, there was little access to network-based storage space when MSU began providing AFS storage to students.

Prior to 2014, MSU expired email accounts for past students in order to free up university data storage resources, maintain operational efficiencies, and maximize services for current students.

For more information read, Account Expiration for Former MSU Students: Mail and AFS or the Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Email Expirations for Past MSU Students.

Originally published 30 May 2012

Revised 29 April 2015 to include additional account expiration information and separate AFS account expiration information.

Revised 12 June 2012 in first paragraph to clarify “for credit” registration.