Section 280: Telecommunication

I. Purpose of the Article

To detail procedures for directory information changes, telephone equipment changes and telephone service charges.

II. General

  1. To maintain accurate faculty and staff directory information listings, see: How to edit your employee info.
  2. To maintain accurate MSU department directory listings, request additions or changes by using the content-corrections form or by contacting IT Services Support at (517) 432-6200.
  3. For information regarding Telecom Systems services/equipment, see Item III below, e-mail, or call (517) 353-5515.
  4. For information on monthly telephone charges, see Item IV below, e-mail or call (517) 353-5515.

III. Telecommunication Systems – Services/Equipment

The MSU community expects that voice communication systems will be functional in the event of emergencies*, will allow for a wide variety of features/capabilities and will operate at a reasonable cost. These procedures attempt to provide departments with steps to best ensure the success of such systems.

It is highly recommended that departments consult with MSU IT’s Telecommunication Systems department when purchasing equipment that affects voice communications.

*Emergencies may necessitate the use of Enhanced 911 (user dialing local emergency services) or Reverse 911 (MSU Police initiating a call to a telephone number) capabilities.

  1. Major repairs and general assistance are best addressed by calling (517) 353-5515.
  2. Requests for consulting to install, remove, replace, repair (major repairs – see Section 1) or alter telephone lines/systems/cabling/phones may be initiated by submitting an online service request.
  3. Charges for all changes are billed to the department requesting the change on the monthly telephone billing statement (related to recurring services) and from the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Customer Billing Statement (non-recurring).
  4. Campus voice-communication systems that support elevators, emergency phones (commonly referred to as “green-light phones”) and other critical devices as defined by system owners shall include a minimum of one hour of continuous backup power in the event of a loss of building power. It is required that system owners verify that current designs meet this standard. System owners may submit a service request to initiate the consultation process. Request these services.
  5. New campus voice systems and major upgrades to these systems must be designed in such a way so as to allow Enhanced 911 and Reverse 911 communications from/to each phone location. Exceptions to this requirement may only be allowed if approved by the MSU Safety and Security Committee.
  6. Purchasing requires that all telephone/voice systems be approved by Telecommunication Systems.
  7. Purchase and/or installation of telephone/voice or intercom-type systems may be submitted using a Request of Interdepartmental Material, as indicated in Section 2. In all cases, MSU Purchasing requires that purchase of telephone/voice systems be approved by Telecom Systems.
  8. Telecom Systems will arrange installation of intercoms and related communications equipment. All installation and maintenance costs and the scheduling for maintenance of such equipment are the responsibility of the department requesting the service.
  9. Requests are first checked to determine if the communications need can be met with existing university wiring systems, using existing conduit and wiring.
    1. Conduit designated for campus-standard telephone service wiring cannot accommodate cables or wire for intercom or other communications equipment unless there is excess space for future telephone needs. Conduits are provided for campus-standard telephone service and have priority.
    2. Conduit and/or wiring that are added to complete the request are billed to the account associated with the request. There may also be costs to remove wire, as required by code.

IV. Telecommunication Billing Charges

  1. General
    1. Each department is responsible for reviewing the monthly long-distance call and local-call charges and verifying that the charges are applicable. Monthly recurring Telecommunication Systems service statements are available through a secure website.
    2. To add or remove access to Telecommunication Systems service statements or for billing questions or concerns, submit an online service request.
  2. Long-distance calls
    1. The Long-Distance Telephone Record (University Stores stock order #14027160) is one method that may be used to track department calls. These can be made available to all persons in the department who make long-distance calls.