IT Staff

Service Status

IT Services maintains the Service Status site displaying information about services and systems provided by IT Services departments to the MSU campus. The Library Distance Learning Services Help Desk and Telecommunications also use the Service Status site.

The Service Status system may also be used to display information about other campus services if an event affects a major portion of campus.

To sign up to receive service notifications, go to the Service Status site and select the “Subscribe” button located in the upper right of the screen.

Desktop Support

MSU IT offers desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile device, and tablet support to academic and administrative units. MSU IT Services partners with each unit to find the right level of support based on different environments and needs.

Read more about Desktop Support options.

Network & Data Management

Find out about MSU Network System solutions including campus SSL VPN, DNS, DHCP, firewalls, and network consultations and installation.

Also check out resources for network administrators, IP address and host name guidelines, and domain name guidelines.

Learn more about Server Management virtualization and colocation options.

Messaging & Directory Services

MSU funds a Microsoft Windows Active Directory infrastructure for units on campus.

Also funded is Campus Exchange to provide central management of the email and calendaring features in an Exchange environment.


Change Your Legacy AIS Active Directory or SQL Data Server Password.

Department Software Licensing Options

Security Services

Information Security offers incident response and vulnerability management to help support security best practices and mitigate risk at MSU.

There is also an Information Technology Security Standard providing a set of risk management objectives and security controls to help with security best practices across MSU.

Read more about Security Services and read more about security at MSU on the SecureIT site.