Leadership and Administrator Seminar Series (LEAD)

On November 11, 2015, the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development (now the Academic Advancement Network) hosted a seminar for MSU Leadership and Administrators (LEAD) entitled “Information Technology Unplugged,” which detailed MSU’s IT Transformation plan. Joanna Young, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, presented along with Dean Leo Kempel, Dean Elizabeth Simmons, and Vice President Vennie Gore who represent some executives partnering on this plan.

While there are infrastructure components to the plan, the primary focus is on technology in support of MSU’s research and education mission to address the challenges laid out by President Lou Anna K. Simon.

The LEAD presentation delivered during this event is available in the Administrative Briefings area of the Academic Advancement Network website.

Bolder IT

The MSU IT Transformation will strengthen, align, and innovate technology across the university.

The proposed plan will “leap” the organization forward in terms of its technology capability and capacity.

Read more at the Bolder IT site.

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