Mainframe & Database Management

Database Administration (Oracle)

MSU Information Technology can assist with all aspects of administering an Oracle database for software applications and systems. Databases are set up according to client specifications and are hosted and maintained by MSU IT.

MSU IT will install the Oracle database server and application tools, provide storage allocation and assessment, and serve as technical contacts for Oracle as needed. Also part of database administration is:

  • The creation and maintenance of database, primary storage structures, and primary objects.
  • User management, including controlling and monitoring database access.
  • Database backup and restoration.

To request database administration, contact the MSU IT Service Desk at (517) 432-6200/toll free (844) 678-6200.

Document Viewer for Mainframe Reports

The Document Viewer application provides a secure, web-based way to view reports produced by the MSU IT mainframe computer. Current reports can be viewed, searched, and printed at your desktop via a web browser. Some non-mainframe client-produced reports are also available.

Some benefits to the Document Viewer application include that reports can be viewed on demand in a online location or can be downloaded for further data manipulation. Reports are also searchable and can be indexed. Customers can define who has access to their reports and how long report archives should be kept. Training resources are available through the Document Viewer application site.

Job Request Memos

The Job Request Memo application schedules a production job or process flow with MSU IT. These memos are for production jobs, which are jobs that do not require programming support.

The client must complete a request form with the necessary job setup information. Once the request is sent, it will be reviewed and a copy of your request will be sent back with “Scheduled” added to the subject line, verifying that the request has been received and scheduled. Client offices only have access to their department memos.

Remote Printing

Remote printing services allow output from the MSU IT mainframe to be printed on appropriately-configured printers in customer department offices. Learn more about Remote Printing.