Firewalls & Virtual Private Networks

MSU Information Technology protects data transferred over the MSU network by assessing, installing, and configuring security devices, such as firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) systems, and investigating security incidents.

Firewall Design and Operation

MSU IT works with customers to design and implement network firewalls. This includes working with customers to determine their needs and design firewall zones to complement those needs.

Campus departments and units can utilize the expertise of MSU IT to minimize the time and cost of firewall implementation regardless of who implements the design.

MSU IT can also oversee the operation of network firewalls, including the configuration and troubleshooting.

The firewall operation service also provides changes to firewall rulesets, software/firewall upgrades, IPS signature upgrades, and device management. Troubleshooting includes detailed analysis of traffic flows and packet captures to help determine necessary firewall ruleset updates.

A virtual private network is also an option when it comes to virtual networking.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

The MSU SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides the MSU community with a way to connect securely to the MSU campus network. This SSL VPN connection works from any location, whether in East Lansing or anywhere around the world.

Regular faculty, full-time staff, retirees, trustees, and graduate students can log into the SSL VPN service using their MSU NetID at

An MSU VPN override may be requested by a sponsoring faculty or staff member for SSL VPN access for temporary/on-call employees, undergraduate students, vendors, affiliates, and other NetIDs associated with university business.

Discrete Point-to-Point VPN

MSU IT can consult with MSU departments on whether a local discrete point-to-point VPN may also be needed as part of a unit’s local network needs. A VPN can span physical locations on campus so employees in several different buildings can still be part of one network. A virtual firewall is also an option when it comes to virtual networking.