Network Administrators Statistics

Network Statistics & Utilities

Various network statistics are tracked by MSU IT and can be shared with IT staff.

The following statistics are collected by MSU IT for on-campus and off-campus network systems. For information about network system statistics, please call (517) 432-6200/toll free (844) 678-6200 to request information about the below categories.

MSU Switches & Routers

  • On campus
  • Off campus
  • MSU link to Merit Network

Network Status

  • Network status and history at MSU

Wireless User Statistics

  • Wireless user counts

Dial-up Statistics

  • Statistics for MSU modems

 MSU Campus Switches & Routers

  • MRTG graphs: Sorted by device name
  • Average/peak use bar graphs

MSU Off-Campus Switches & Routers

  • Site routers: Sorted by site name
  • Hub routers: Sorted by site name OR Sorted by hub location
  • Average/peak use bar graphs

Network Management Staff Utilities

Various staff utilities are tracked by MSU IT.