iClicker Options

If using iClicker in classes, students will need to buy or rent the clicker device. The iClicker 2 remote and Reef Polling are the recommended models supported by MSU. (Read more about Reef Polling, now called iClicker Cloud.)

  • iClicker 2 remote: Full numeric and alphanumeric capabilities, one-click multiple choice entry mode
  • iClicker Reef: Browser-based or app-based capabilities from a mobile device

iClicker 2 remotes and iClicker Reef can be used together in the same classroom. Depending on the software you choose to use,  there are additional steps required when setting up a polling session.

Instructors can choose between iClicker Cloud (formerly Reef Polling/Instructor) and iClicker Classic (formerly iClicker 7). More is at Compare iClicker Instructor Software.

Instructor ordering

The choice to use clickers is like any other textbook and ancillary material choice for a course. Instructors need to communicate the information to the vendor and bookstore. (Read more directions for downloading iClicker software.)

Steps to using iClicker

  1.  Call (866) 209-5698 if you are using iClicker remotes and don’t have an instructor kit.
  2.  For assistance using the decision and onboarding guide.
  3.  Notify the bookstore that you will be using clickers with the ISBN number so they can prepare the inventory for your course.

The ISBN for:

  • iClicker 2: 1498603041
  • iClicker 2 with 6-month access: 1319149588

Instructors can also request an iClicker starter kit.

Information on D2L setup with iClicker

If using iClicker within the D2L learning management system instructors should follow these directions:

Student ordering

If you are using the iClicker, you only need to purchase a single clicker remote for all your courses. The same clicker can be used in different semesters.

Make a copy of the identification number on the back of the clicker and keep it in a safe place for your records. When registering your clicker, include only your MSU email address (e.g., sparty@msu.edu) in the box marked “Student ID.” Do NOT enter your PID.

Some instructors may also enable the iClicker Reef option, which enables students to use a web browser or app on one of their own mobile devices in place of a clicker remote.

iClicker Registration

If your instructor is using iClicker in conjunction with MSU D2L, you will need the clicker identification number to register your clicker on the MSU D2L learning management system (LMS) for your courses.

Follow these directions:

If your instructor is not using iClicker with D2L, you’ll need to register your clicker on the iClicker site.