Non-Instructional Pricing

All Scoring Office services directly supporting MSU academic instruction are covered by MSU.

For example, there are no fees charged to MSU instructors or departments for standard scan forms, scanning, and processing of student tests or class assignments.

The Scoring Office also provides standard student evaluation of instructor and course forms (SIRS forms) and processing at no charge to MSU departments.

Non-Instructional Pricing

Non-instructional scanning and scoring services for MSU students, faculty, staff, outside educational institions, or nonprofit organizations are charged the MSU affiliate rate. Clients not qualifying for MSU affiliated rates are assessed at the other rate listed in the tables below. If you have questions, please contact the Scoring Office.

Scanning Rates Per Form

 Job Size     MSU Affiliated
 First 10,000 Forms $.15 $.20
 Remaining Forms $.11 $.15

 Standard Scanning Forms

 Form Size
    MSU Affiliated
 Full Size $.09 $.12
 Half Size $.06 $.08

 Scanner Programming

Job Type MSU Affiliated       Other
 Per Scan Form (2 sides) $125.00 $162.50
 Modifications (per program) $100.00 $130.00

 Scan Form Design

 Job Type    MSU Affiliated Other
 Per Scan Form (2 sides) $200.00 $260.00
 Modifications (per program) $100.00 $130.00

 Hourly Labor Rates

 Labor Type MSU Affiliated Other
 Statistical Programming and Consulting $90.00 $117.00
 Operator or Clerical $60.00 $78.00

Job Charges

Job Type MSU Affiliated
 Item Analysis $17.50 $22.72
 * Frequency Counts $13.00 $17.00
 * SAS/SPSS Output Printing $13.00 $17.00
 Additional Printing $.20 per page $.26 per page

* Price includes up to 20 pages of printer output.

Data Transfers

Data Type MSU Affiliated
 ASCII Data (Text Format) $5.00 $6.50

There may be additional charges if media is required.

Other data format transfers are available. Contact the Scoring Office for estimates.