Data Analytics

Data Analytics uses Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science to create different custom reports and visualizations to help MSU units, colleges, and affiliated organizations make data-driven decisions.

Predictive tools are also available and can be used on a unit basis or for large university initiatives like Student Success.


Standard enterprise reports are available that answer common business needs (e.g., Labor Distribution, Operation Statement, Account Balance Summary). Consultation is also available to assist in building self-service reports that answer custom college or department needs.


Data visualizations such as dashboards can be personalized to provide a quick snapshot of important information. Charts, graphs, and other visual elements that summarize and answer common business questions are also available.

Data Science

Data Analytics can apply mathematical and statistical algorithms to interpret, make inferences, and draw conclusions about internal and external data sets. The use of statistical and predictive analytics enables decision makers to make proactive, data-driven decisions.

We can help manage and develop tools such as Hadoop (Big Data), R (Statistical Analysis), location-based analytics, and Shiny (Interactive Applications) to increase data science capabilities for the institution.