Electronic Forms & Signatures

Forms Tracking Utility

Forms Tracking Utility (FTU) allows campus units to develop electronically routed and tracked, multi-signature web forms through a consistent design interface. Electronic forms allow paperless transactions for various university business functions and can automate form routing and approval tracking.

The Forms Tracking Utility application:

  • Provides a place for approvers to act on university-wide forms.
  • Enables routes to be customized for particular units or accounts.
  • Provides a common record of approvals.
  • Supports Single Sign-On capabilities with an MSU NetID and password.
  • Provides electronic routing for any application that creates web-based forms.

FTU runs independently and is not embedded in the form application. Communication between FTU and the form application is accomplished with API calls.

FTU Functional Components

FTU has four Functional Components as part of the application.

  1. FTU Dashboard is a web-based user interface that supports approval, review, and tracking of forms.
  2. FTU Dashboard Administration is a web-based application used by FTU administrators to maintain FTU form and route definitions, as well as form authorizations.
  3. FTU Role Administration is a web-based application used by FTU administrators to maintain people, approval groups, and responsibilities in the FTU database.
  4. FTU Routing Engine is an application that processes routing slips, sends email notifications, provides security within FTU, and performs other internal functions necessary for electronic routing. This application has no user interface, but works in conjunction with the other FTU components.

FTU Support

FTU documentation and training materials are available online in PDF, video, and HTML formats. No login is required.

This information may be accessed from the FTU application in the left “Information” box under “User Support” prior to logging in or by using the links below.

  • FTU User Support consists of user guides and quick references.
  • FTU Training – online modules consist of video-based training modules with closed captioning. Supplemental training materials are available.
  • FTU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides answers to commonly asked questions about FTU, and supplies more detailed information about the FTU application and its processes.
  • The FTU Developer website is available to form application developers who wish to access technical information about using FTU for electronic forms routing. Contact the MSU IT Service Desk at (517) 432-6200 or use the online form to arrange for access.

Digitized Signatures

Signatures may be digitized on a fee-for-use basis on output from MSU IT-supported printing systems.

All signatures for forms or output will be permanently stored on secure MSU IT systems for testing and production printing. The client will sign a Digitized Signature Storage Release Form (PDF), which will be retained as documentation of authorization. Scheduled production use of the signature will be made without further client intervention or authorization.

To get started with the Digitized Signature process, please email ITServices.ProductionServices@campusad.msu.edu.