IT Infrastructure & Operations

The IT Services department IT Infrastructure and Operations oversees infrastructure design, mainframe systems, production services, and virtualization and storage systems.

Infrastructure Design

The IT Operations Infrastructure Design team is responsible for the design and implementation of MSU’s backbone network architecture. The team also focuses on the design and project management of core networking and other major network projects for the MSU campus and its various remote locations, including consultations, and installations.

Clinical Technology

Clinical Technology supports the systems, Radiology PACS, and radiology development for Health Enterprises at Michigan State University.

Clinical Systems

The Clinical Systems team supports the MSU Health Enterprise systems.

Radiology PACS

The Radiology PACS team supports the Radiology PACS application.

Radiology Development

The Radiology Development team supports radiology development.


Network Engineering

The Network Engineering team is responsible for network drawings and documentation. They are also responsible for new service design, development, testing, verification, and deployment of the network. In addition, they decommission areas of the network as needed.

Network Operations

The Network Operations team is responsible for network analysis, monitoring, tooling, and maintenance. In addition, the team responds to network incidents.

Network Planning

The Network Planning team is responsible for capacity management, customer relationship management and integration management. They are also responsible for planning, prototyping, and novel service development.

Production Services

Operations Support

The Operations Support team provides 24/7 operation of the enterprise university data centers. This includes the secure monitoring of the data center environments.

Production Support

The Production Support team coordinates, schedules, and manages enterprise systems batch schedules utilizing automated batch scheduling products (CA-JobTrac and UC4).

CommVault Backup

The CommVault Backup team provides processing of data and backups.

Data Center Facilities

The Data Center Facilities team provides support for the data centers.

Mainframe Systems

The Mainframe Systems team is responsible for mainframe hardware and systems software installation, configuration, customization, maintenance, performance tuning, and troubleshooting.

Systems Infrastructure

The Systems Infrastructure team is responsible for the design, build, and maintenance of the Virtual Servers, Department Storage, Messaging, Collaboration, and Client Engineering services.

Client Engineering

The Client Engineering team provides support to the MSU health colleges.

Virtualization & Systems Engineering

The Virtualization & Systems Engineering team provide physical and virtual server options (managed and self managed) that can be customized based on need.

Storage Engineering

The Storage Engineering team oversees broad storage options for the MSU community, including personal and enterprise storage solutions for campus units.


The Messaging team provides email services to the campus community.


The Collaboration team provides collaboration services to the campus community.

Business Analyst

The Business Analyst assists the Systems Infrastructure teams with analysis and business processes.