Remote Printing Forms & Printers

Basic Forms

The following forms can be sent to any PCL-capable printer as part of the free basic printing service.

Click on each name to see a sample printed page. (Please note that the software used to create these sample forms inserts advertising graphics. these graphics will not be present on the forms you print in your office.)

Form Name Host Printable* Orientation Size Notes
ADF1430S (PDF) Yes Landscape 144 Columns x 66 Lines No overlay
ADF9514S (PDF) Yes Portrait 100 Columns x 66 Lines No overlay
AEZEZ04S (PDF) Yes Landscape 138 Columns x 66 Lines No overlay
AEZEZ26S (PDF) Yes Portrait 100 Columns x 66 Lines No overlay
AEZEZ86S (PDF) Yes Landscape 150 Columns x 69 Lines No overlay
AEZEZ96S (PDF) Yes Portrait 130 Columns x 100 Lines No overlay
ASUK254S (PDF) Yes Portrait 105 Columns x 84 Lines No overlay
REMLL01S (PDF) No Landscape 132 Columns x 66 Lines Gray bar overlay
REMLL02S (PDF) No Landscape 107 Columns x 47 Lines Gray bar overlay

*If no, this form can only be printed remotely; MSU IT mainframe printers can’t print this form.

Supported Printers

Basic Printing Service

Any printer that supports PCL, attaches to the network, and supports TCP/IP-LPR printing can be used with this service.

It is possible to configure a printer that is only attached to a PC to use this service. Remote Print Manager (RPM) software is available that allows reports be sent to your PC and redirected to a local printer.

Premium Printing Service

Printers for this service must support Postscript, attach to the network, and support TCP/IP-LPR printing.

The software that converts mainframe reports into Postscript does not support all Postscript printers. The files it produces are specific to each printer that it sends to. The service supports resource matching at the printer, calling the correct paper from one of its trays.

Many of the special forms that can be printed via the premium service require the printer be able to print 1/4 inch from the paper’s edge (edge-to-edge printing). Careful review of which forms are going to be printed is required so that the appropriate printer is used for this service: all printers do not support printing this close to the paper’s edge.