Cable TV


Visit the students page for channel listings, information about enhanced digital services, and instruction on how to set up your TV at MSU.

Students needing further assistance with their cable TV should submit an Apartments Maintenance Request or a Res. Hall Maintenance Request.

Faculty and Staff

Visit the faculty and staff page to find out what services are offered and how to get support in classrooms and offices.

Cable Services

MSU’s campus cable television network serves university-owned department buildings, residence halls and university apartments. In order to receive MSU’s channel lineup you must rescan your TV. To rescan or reprogram your television, see how to hook up your television. See cable lineup.

The all-digital network features three levels of service:

  • Instructional Television (ITV) — local channels, instructional channels (ITV) and other free-to-air channels. No monthly recurring fees apply, however one-time installation fees may be required.
  • Entertainment Television (ETV) — popular entertainment channels. Monthly recurring fees do apply and one-time installation fees may be required. This service is included with residence hall and university apartment room and board rates. Monthly recurring fees and one-time installation fee.
  • Comcast additional services — pay services including HBO and Showtime. A DVR recorder is also available. See additional services information.

Cable TV Information

Tips for buying a converter box for non-digital-ready TVs (from the Federal Communications Commission website)

Tips for buying coax cables

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