New Students

Before and during MSU AOP

Activate your MSU NetID: Your NetID gives you access to a variety of MSU resources.

Log into your email using your NetID and password and download complimentary Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote).

Undergraduate student email & Office applications

Spartan Mail is your official university email system for all MSU correspondence. Log into

Download Office Pro Plus applications: Once logged into Spartan Mail, click on “Office 365” in the top left and then click the “Install now” button.

Graduate student email & Office applications

The email system for graduate students depends on the date they were admitted to Michigan State University.

Graduate students admitted prior to June 28, 2017: MSU Mail is your official university email system for all MSU correspondence. Log into

Graduate students admitted after June 28, 2017: Spartan Mail is your official university email system for all MSU correspondence. Log into

All graduate students can download Office Pro Plus applications. Log into with your NetID and password, click on “Office 365” in the top left and then clicking the “Install now” button.

Computers and the network

Review the MSU Computer Requirement and contact your specific degree program: Some programs and colleges have additional computer specifications.

Verify if your residence hall room has a Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection: You’ll need an Ethernet cord and possibly a dongle to use Ethernet ports. If you’re in a residence hall without full building Wi-Fi, you may also want to purchase a wireless access for your room.

Residence halls with Wi-Fi

The following residence halls have wireless in all rooms:

  • Akers
  • Butterfield
  • Case
  • Emmons
  • Holden
  • Holmes
  • Hubbard
  • Landon
  • McDonel
  • Rather
  • Shaw
  • Snyder-Philips
  • Wilson
  • University Village

Visit the campus MSU Tech Store for technology, software, and Spartan accessories.

Before MSU move in

Guest Access

Encourage trusted individuals and parents to create a StuInfo Guess Account if you want them to have the ability to pay student bills, view financial aid information, view IRS 1098-T data, view MSU charges and credits, and confirm the student attendance. A guest account is much more secure than sharing your NetID and password. Read more on StuInfo Guest Access.

Review the Acceptable Use Policy for MSU Information Technology Resources.

Learn more about MSU technology

Learn how to protect yourself online through SecureIT


Getting connected during MSU move in

Network & Internet access

Wired access: All residence hall rooms have Ethernet ports for wired Internet access. To access the wired Internet, you will need an Ethernet cord and possibly a dongle.

Wireless access: Wi-Fi is available in academic buildings and the common areas of residence halls. Some residence halls also offer Wi-Fi access in rooms. Read more about MSUNet Wireless Access.

If you are in a residence hall without in-room Wi-Fi and want to set up wireless, follow these directions for setting up an access point. Make sure to password-protect your devices.

Register devices for wired & wireless connections

Register your computer, mobile devices, and other devices (e.g., smart TV, gaming system) to access the MSU Network (wired) and MSUnet Wireless.

  • Open your web browser to
  • Log in using your MSU NetID and password and then follow the directions.
  • Reboot or restart your devices when complete.

See Getting Online for more details.