MSU SecureIT celebrates National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month logo

Michigan State University has an ongoing safe computing campaign called SecureIT to help educate the MSU community on safe computing practices.

Tips to staying safe

1. Make sure your personal firewall is turned on.

Learn more about how to configure Windows and MacOS X firewalls.

MSU Computer Store – Help and Repair, in 120 Computer Center, can make sure your firewall is set up properly.

2. Perform regular operating system updates and software updates. These updates often include security patches.

Learn more about Windows and MacOS X operating system updates.

Learn more about enabling automatic Windows software updates.

MSU Computer Store – Help and Repair, in room 120 of the Computer Center, can also check your operating system and software updates.

3. Install antivirus and antispyware software.

Schedule daily antivirus updates and scans of your computer.

Learn more about recommended downloads and patches.

Antivirus and antispyware software can be purchased at the MSU Computer Store in room 110 of the Computer Center at an educational discount.

4. Upgrade to the latest version of your browser and take advantage of the security features available.

Some browser security features include site pinning, safe browsing, and auto updates. These features can protect against phishing and malware attacks.

Learn more about security features in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

5.  Set a passcode on your mobile devices.

This protects your personal information in case your phone or tablet is lost or stolen.

Learn more about mobile safety from the National Cyber Security Alliance.

More information

Follow the TechAtMSU for ongoing tips about cybersecurity.

Check out the EDUCAUSE 2013 Security Video Winners on YouTube.

If you have questions, contact the IT Services Support Desk at (517) 432-6200.