IT Services launches OAuth 2.0 authentication for campus use

IT Services launched the OAuth 2.0 protocol as another authentication option for MSU developers, units, departments, and colleges.

OAuth provides secure authorization to certain details or attributes of a user without the application needing to receive the user’s password.

Additionally, OAuth doesn’t require client software to be installed for an application to use it and is programming language agnostic.


OAuth is able to:

  • Authenticate both MSU NetID and Community ID authentication.
  • Obtain information about a user, such as name, email, MSU NetID, and UUID.
  • Offer an industry standard method of authentication that is clientless and is not proprietary to a specific programming language
  • Provide authentication that is commonly used in open-source applications.
  • Provide secure access to data shared at MSU or across institutions.


To request the OAuth 2.0 service:

More specific setup details are available in this OAuth article.

For questions or to report issues with the OAuth 2.0 service: