Participating as a Team @MSU: Designing and Delivering a Quality MOOC

Educause Learning Inititiative (ELI) – Short Course: Designing and Delivering a Quality MOOC

Hosted at Wills House l  Feb 19, 27 and March 6 @ 1:00-2:30pm E.T

MSU Learning Design and Technology would like to invite you participate as a team for the ELI short course "Designing and Delivering a Quality MOOC, February 19, February 27, and March 6 from 1:00-2:30pm E.T. 

Our team will develop one MOOC project that employs various components and strategies reviewed in the short course: identifying an approach to build a quality design and learning framework, making informed decisions regarding MOOCs and open learning, and outlining specific technologies to support MOOC delivery.

As a team we will consider the challenges and opportunities to advancing our ideas and goals for learning in a massively open way. The course will conclude with issues that require common understanding and information sharing in order to gauge improvement and learning outcomes around the MOOC.

If you're a department or a team of collegues that are interested in creating a MOOC, feel free to bring your ideas and to find out more information on the MOOC creation process at our Univeristy.  Once registered, we will vote on our team project. 

Here at LearnDAT we're here as a partner in developing your next e-learning offering!  More info on LearnDAT.

Agenda for Short Course:

This event is FREE for MSU faculty, Staff, and Grad students. You can register at If you have any questions please contact Keesa Muhammad at LearnDat: 517-884-0663

For more information on MOOCs visit: