Mindshare – Nexus Academy, a Blended Learning Highschool

Join us next Wednesday, February 13, at 10:30am at Wills house for a very special Mindshare with Nexus Academy!


Nexus, is a  tuition-free public high school that delivers a supportive blend of online and face-to-face instruction that’s personalized to fit unique student needs, goals, and interests. 



Here at LearnDAT, we specialize in partnering with the MSU Teaching and Learning community in planning, budgeting, staffing, organizing, delivering and assessing degree/certificate programs as well as individual courses.  So what does this mean for the landscape of our higher institution of learning if students are already coming equip with these vast learning skills for the future?  

Come out to this mindshare to explore,question, and actively participate in the discussion of how as a learning community we can prepare for the next generation of learners!


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Website: http://goo.gl/EhKj1W



  • Charles A. Carver, Principal Nexus Academy

  • James Roney, Community Outreach Nexus academy


  • History of Nexus Academy

  • Charter Affiliation with Central Michigan University

  • How our students learn

  • What the learning environment looks like

  • Support for the Blended Learning Model

  • Discussion

For questions and after thoughts pertaining to this Mindshare contact Keesa Muhammad at LearnDAT: johns253@msu.edu  (884-0663).