EDUCAUSE 2014 Annual Conference


EDUCAUSE 2014 Annual Conference

Virtual Conference hosted by MSU IT Services Teaching and Learning

At Wills House September 30 – Oct 2

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference presents a robust, community-generated program that explores today's toughest IT issues facing higher education. With 60+ webcasts and 18 exclusive online sessions provided virtually—it convenes some of the brightest minds in the community.

This year’s theme within the teaching and learning domain is entitled  “Disruptive Technologies”. Technology is ushering a new era for education and paving the way for many online innovations, including MOOCs, simulations, and games; which provide students with a greater use of technology.  It also calls for a focus on Analytics and a new business models that will alter how time, faculty, and other resources are being used within institutions.  This years track will highlight various topics surrounding this new era in learning while highlighting the strengths of how IT can change the learning experience and catalyze different models.   

Please join us at Wills house on a lunch break or if you need a moment outside your normal work day for fa ree professional development event.  No registration is required.  All sessions are FREE and open to the MSU Faculty, Staff, and students.  Refreshment and snacks provided.  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


8:00am – Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Higher Education

9:45am – From Disruption to Design

10:30am – Digital Credentials: Moving Transcripts, Diplomas, and Nondegree Certificates Online (While Making Them Better)

12:45pm – Strategies for Evolving the IT Landscape

11:40pm – A Journey to Accessibility: Temple University's University-Wide Accessible Information and Technology Initiative Implementation

1:30pm – Tales of Collaboration and Leadership from the Bottom

2:30pm – Behind the Curtain: Technologies Supporting Student Success

3:40pm – Faculty Learning Technologies Badges: A New Addition to the Faculty Development Arsenal

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

8:00am – Design Principles for Open Digital Badges and Adult Learners

MOOCs Beyond the Hype: The Open Learning Journey at the University of Pennsylvania

9:10am – Introducing the Free Agent Learner: Speak Up Research Findings on a New Student Profile

10:00am – Higher Education Breakthrough Models: Expert Interview with Interactive Audience Q&A

10:30am – Leadership Lessons of History from the American Presidents

12:30pm – Web Content Management: Two Schools, Two Philosophies, Two Solutions

1:30pm – Building Institutional Capacities and Competencies for Systemic Learning Analytics Initiatives

2:40pm – EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community: What Matters Most to Your Students and Faculty?

4:30pm – Driving Innovation in the Learning Environment: The Flipped Classroom

5:30pm – Assessment with Learning Analytics: Combining Multiple Sources of Data to Support Student Learning with Educational Technology


Thursday, October 2, 2014

8:00am – Building Connected Learning for the Digital Age

9:10am – Prepare to Wear! Exploring Wearable Technologies in the Learning Environment

*schedule can change due to participants interest*

Full session schedule:

For questions please contact Keesa Johnson Muhammad at LearnDat:  or 517-884-0663.