The 20th Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference is next week!

The 20th Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference

October 29-31 @ Wills House

Driving Innovation with Online Learning



Join us for a live virtual stream at Wills House viewing the 20th Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference. The conference program will offer a full complement of presentations that reflect the implications for the field of specific e-learning experience and practices. It’s also the opportunity for the MSU teaching and learning community that are concerned with the future of online learning to come together, collaborate,  and share experiences.


This conference, which will provide the latest information on asynchronous learning programs, processes, packages, and protocols, is geared to both experienced professionals and interested newcomers to online learning who hail from a variety of work sectors, including higher education, continuing education, K-12 professionals, business, government, health care, professional associations, and nonprofit organizations. It is especially designed to meet the needs of:


  • College-level faculty and administrators

  • Instructional technology and media professionals

  • Instructional designers

  • Trainers in public and private sector organizations


This event is FREE to the MSU Teaching and Learning community.  If you have any questions regarding the virtual stream please contact Keesa Johnson Muhammad


October 29, 2014
Time Session
Noon: Mission "Possible" Instructional Design: Creating Rich, Interactive, Fully Online High Enrollment Courses

How Online Faculty Can Use Predictive Analytics Applications to Measurably Improve Student Success

1:30pm The Art of the Online Community: Moving Beyond the Forum Discussion
2:15pm The Game is Afoot

Enhancing Online Course Quality: Using a Standards-Based Approach in Course Design and Review Processes

4:15pm How Brains Learn with Technology


October 30, 2014


Time Session

Looking at the Academic Innovation Landscape: Lessons Learned & Future Possibilities


Enabling the Explosion of Innovative Application for Teaching & Learning


Adaptive Learning, Simulations and New Forms of Peer-to-Peer Interaction


Innovation and Iteration: Celebrating 20 Years of the International Conference on Online Learning


Competencies? but This is Academia! A Development Plan for a Competency Based University Program

4:10pm Media And Design For Student Satisfaction


October 31, 2014
Time Session
8:15am Rhizomatic Learning – The Community is the Curriculum
9:40am Measuring Student Engagement in an Online Program

Hollywood Meets Higher Ed: Merging Technology, Education And Entertainment


Direct, Connect, Reflect: Creating Meaningful Online Relationships & Experiences Equals Success-4-All



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