MSU & Quality Matters, sitting in a tree …

MSU purchased a subscription to the Quality Matters (QM) rubric and online resources to assist faculty and instructors in creating quality courses that will improve online education and support student learning.

This pilot is a partnership between the Center for Integrative Studies in General ScienceCollege of Arts & Letters, and IT Services.

MSU Quality Matters also includes an internal consultation component and a concurrent research project establishing use of the Quality Matters Rubric Standards and the role of campus consultation to promote best practices for teaching with technology.

Getting started

Anyone at MSU can create an account through the Quality Matters website by submitting an email address and creating a password.

QM offers a course standards rubricdifferent types of course reviews, and other types of professional development through its website and MSU’s subscription.

Instructional designers through IT Services – Teaching & Learning also can help faculty and instructors get started with QM.

Request a consultation by calling (517) 355-2345 or (800) 500-1554.