MSU providing Microsoft software licenses to departments

MSU is providing Microsoft licenses for departmental use under an Enrollment for Education Solution (EES).

A schedule for student use and personal use for faculty and staff of Microsoft Office products will be determined in the future.

Department use

All MSU departments can obtain use licenses on department-owned machines for:

  • Office Pro Plus
  • Office for Mac
  • Windows OS Upgrades
  • Windows Server
  • Exchange Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Lync Server

Licenses are based on the current version of the software, though it’s possible to downgrade to a previous version.

All departments also have Client Access Licenses (CALs) as provided in the CAL Suite. These licenses are needed by users who access information on the related server.

Full details are available on the MSU Microsoft Software web page.

Software updates

It’s important to keep software up to date so security issues inherent with outdated software or systems aren’t exploited.

Read more on SecureIT about safeguarding your devices and systems. Also read through the checklists for setting up and patching systems and servers.