MSU finalizes campus license agreements on select software

MSU and IT Services have finalized and expanded some recent campus licensing agreements for:


IT Services now centrally funds and manages a Microsoft Windows 2008 Active Directory infrastructure for units on campus. The CampusAD authentication directory supports enterprise systems (e.g., file and print servers), provides contact information and scheduling integration, and offers mechanisms for centralized desktop management.

Beginning in May 2015, departments were no longer billed for these services.

IT staff can request CampusAD for their unit by submitting the online CampusAD form.

Campus Exchange

Also centrally funded and managed is Campus Exchange, which provides management of email and calendaring features in an Exchange environment so units don’t need to support one locally. Using Campus Exchange means unit mailboxes are part of CampusAD.

Beginning in May 2015, departments were no longer billed for these services.

IT staff can request Campus Exchange by submitting the online Campus Exchange form.

Kaltura MediaSpace video storage

Kaltura MediaSpace provides robust video storage for students, faculty, and staff. The license has now expanded to include unlimited bandwidth and space on uploaded media.

This is available automatically upon log in with your MSU NetID and password.

Microsoft Enrollment for Education licenses

MSU is providing campus Microsoft licenses under an Enrollment for Education Solution (EES) agreement.

Departmental licenses

Software under the department license agreement includes, but is not limited to, current versions of Office Pro Plus, Office for Mac, and Windows Operating Systems. See the full list of departmental software available.

Microsoft recently released Windows 10, which would qualify for departmental use under this EES agreement. Departments can order Windows 10 licenses though the MSU agreement instead of needing to purchase it from Microsoft.

IT staff order departmental licenses through the MSU Computer Store based on the number needed within their unit. Once ordered, an activation key will be provided, and media can be downloaded. (Read more on obtaining the software.)

Student personal use licenses

student personal use license for Office Pro Plus is available for download once students are migrated to Office 365 email. The Office 365 email migration begins with MSU undergraduate students during summer and fall 2015.

Faculty and staff personal use licenses

The rollout of the Office Pro Plus personal use license for faculty and staff hasn’t been determined yet.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux license

MSU now licenses all versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux software for use on MSU-owned machines. Red Hat is centrally funded to improve security across servers, applications, and hardware architectures at MSU.

IT staff can register for the Red Hat license by contacting the MSU IT Service Desk at (517) 432-6200.

Zoom web conferencing

Zoom Pro accounts are available for all MSU faculty, staff, and students. Current Zoom users were upgraded to the Pro level in May to allow for hosting of meetings for an unlimited duration with up to 25 simultaneous participants.

Zoom Pro accounts are available automatically upon log into MSU Zoom with your MSU NetID and password.

Other more advanced features, such as large meeting rooms and webinars, are available by purchasing a separate license from the MSU Computer Store.

Questions not addressed with the information we have posted, may be directed to the MSU IT Service Desk at (517) 432-6200.